Day Two, Let’s Make a Dollar. MMOIS

Making a penny online is simple, easy, and I can even earn even a part of a penny if need be. So now I began to wonder:

Can I Make $1.00 Online?

 Click here to see where I found my first dollar

Once again with a little luck, I knew right where to go to find a dollar. Another micro-task website, CashCrate pays out fast and I was able to earn a dollar within a few minutes of joining the website. I earned $0.50 just to sign up.

So, that was really easy, and CashCrate actually stacks up pretty fast; I overshot my one dollar goal by completing just three offers and accrued $3.44:

With just 4-5 hours of completing free offers and surveys (a total of 17 tasks) I hit the $20 cash-out requirement and was ready to move on to the next online money maker.

IMPORTANT NOTE: CashCrate does require a $20 balance to make your withdrawal, but again, the money at CashCrate stacks up fast. Somewhat annoyingly, the first time you hit $20 they’ll send your payment by check; at least the money is coming in the mail. After that you can start accepting digital payments.

CashCrate was good for a very quick and easy $1 online, but I needed $20 to cash-out, so I wondered: what’s the smallest amount of money I can make online and walk away with easily? Neobux allows a $2 first time cash-out, the lowest I could find, and next in line is another Micro-Task site called SwagBucks. This is very similar to CashCrate, but here you accrue points to trade in for gift cards to stores and sites like Amazon, eBay, and way too many more to list.