Day One, Let’s Start with a Penny. MMOIS

For the past 10 years I’ve been a Freelancer. I’ve held a few “regular jobs” as an employee in that time, but I’ve always loved the idea of being my own boss, setting my own schedule, working when I want, working where I want, doing work that interests me, challenges me, and helps me grow my strengths as well as overcome weaknesses. In the journey of finding what works, I found even more that doesn’t. A lot of life is learning to weed through the weird and find what makes sense, not because of what you’re told, but because you’ve proven to yourself through action and experience that something is true. All I ever wanted along the way was something simple that would work. Here is that step by step how-to I always wished I could find. Start with what you know, and GO. If what you know isn’t much, then at least you know you’re honest. Never mistake exposure for experience, experience for mastery, nor mastery as the end. When I asked myself what I know, making money online was always an answer, but one which I used to question; I wondered whether I am only exposed or truly experienced, for I was certainly no master.

So I started with a simple question:

Can I Make $0.01 Online?

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With a little luck ( Laboring Using Collected Knowledge ) I knew just where to start on this one. See, when I moved from home in high school, I had a part time job but needed to find a way to supplement my income in my free time so I could afford to live without suffering. A few days of online searches led me to a fascinating website that was the first REAL proof I found that you could make money online. Let me be very clear with you: you’re not going to make enough money to survive using this site alone, not starting from zero. It IS possible to build a business around this company, but that’s not what I’m teaching here. I just want to demonstrate that you can make $0.01 online, fast, easy, and legitimately. More importantly, the activities I performed on this website actually led me to what made me more money than anything else online. You never know what you’ll stumble across at Neobux. I started using them in 2008, and I was glad to see they are still around, same as ever, in 2016. So I did a little experiment to see how fast I could earn a penny:

Here you can see I just signed up and have a balance of $0.00
Note the time 19:25

Just one minute later, at 19:26, I moved my balance up to $0.01 Beautiful. This is the fastest way I know how to show someone that you really can make money online.

By the next evening I was up to $1.29 already.

Before the next night was up, I had over $2, and confirmed my cash-out in Paypal:

Important Notes: The minimum amount you must earn to withdraw is $2.00 on the first cash-out. This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cash-out until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00 After that, the minimum amount will always be $10.00

More Micro-Tasks: Amazon Turk

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Amazon Turk. Another very easy way to earn income online is completing simple Micro Tasks. The Amazon Turk website explains it well enough, so go check it out. Realize again, this is no way to get rich, just a great way that really works to monetize your spare time.

Amazon Turk requires some time to set up your account, and expect a day or two delay while your account is reviewed and approved. Make sure you go ahead and get your Amazon Payments account set up and ready to go once you’re signed up and in to Amazon Turk; this will help you get rolling fast once you’re account is live.

Can I Make Part of a Penny Online?

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I was curious, can I actually earn less than a penny online? Bitcoin had the answer, and micro-payments are something worth learning about when it comes to building an automated online income, but I’ll have to ask you to look into that on your own if you’re interested. There’s a lot to Bitcoin, more than I can easily express here, but a little research on your own will reveal why it makes a lot of sense to own this resource. So how can you get some Bitcoin (which can be easily converted to U.S. currency, as well as many other foreign currencies) for free? After a little digging around, I found this:

BitCoinGet. A simple site, along the lines of other sites that pay you to complete small micro-tasks, BitCoinGet brings together small jobs, surveys, free offers, and shopping all in one place to help you start earning BitCoin fast.

After signing up and completing just 5 micro-tasks, I earned 52 bits(currently valued around $0.04), so if you do the math, I was able to earn LESS than a penny on each micro-task. Now I now that might sound like a strange goal, learning to earn less than a penny, but once again I have to urge you to look into the potential for micro-payments to build streams of income online that make access so easy and affordable, that people will just buy whatever you’re selling.

After just 10 tasks, I was up to over 1000 bits, and I waited to receive my cash-out payment.

I was able to confirm the receipt of bits into my Bitcoin Wallet within 24 hours as the site indicated. This was actually the fastest, simplest, and lowest possible payout I found making money online.

Important Notes: Once your pending balance reaches at least 500 bits, you should expect to see payment within 24 hours. 500 bits is roughly $0.35 at current rates. Here’s a great calculator to use if you need BitCoin conversions: Click Here for the Calculator ( remember, 1 Bit is 0.000001 of a BitCoin, so 500 bit would be 0.000500 BitCoin)