Hello, and welcome. My name is Wayne, and I have to believe if you are reading this that you and I share at least a few basic philosophies in common. I’m writing this because I’ve was suffering and couldn’t afford to live in that state any longer. I know that once your life is impacted, just as mine was, you will be filled with the same desire to spread the knowledge to as many people as possible. My story is simple. Like anyone in this world I’ve had my share of trials and times in life that tested my resolve to press on in life. One of my biggest concerns of the past was that I simply did not fit into the typical work space. I never desired to be locked in an office all day. I had no interest in working for a boss who earned their paycheck from the hard work of low wage employees that they don’t care about. I never wanted to be just another sheep in the herd. I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a living, but I did know that I had big ideas.I knew I wanted to start my own business, I just didn’t know what I wanted to pursue. I struggled for years trying to make money online, spending days clicking ads to earn pennies… I wasn’t getting any kind of significant results, and things didn’t change until I managed to get around the right group of mentors. In the past my only intent was to “make money.” It seemed simple, but I didn’t understand that you have to bring value to customers in exchange for money. When I faced my most difficult struggles and personal challenges, I had a breakthrough. Life left to me question and discover: what is really important to me? I found that I wasn’t satisfied with the way I was living life: stagnant and unproductive. As the years went by I found that I had become content in complacency and ok with just getting by… I know it often feels like we are the only ones facing the challenges in our lives, but I can guarantee you that somewhere in the world there are many others going through similar challenges. I learned that success and wealth flow from a healthy mindset and positive attitude, just as poverty and despair stem from a perspective of scarcity and fear of loss. I spent a long time suffering when the answers to happiness and peace were right in front of my eyes. In the process of discovering who I am and what I’m made of, I found my calling in life: helping you learn what I’ve learned. To show that you can achieve what I have, and to inspire you to pursue excellence with a relentless passion and hunger. It’s more than just knowing the mechanics of what to do; it all stems from knowing why you do it. Your purpose, your why in life is the most important asset you can acquire; without it you are just going through the motions and resorting to your default programming. I want to challenge to you be different, to step outside the norm, to challenge the status quo, and to be yourself and nothing else. It is important to model and be mentored by those who have the success we desire, but we must always remember to do so in a way that allows us to retain our unique spark and individuality. It is thanks to the community I have surrounded myself with that I have found the strength and courage to relentlessly be myself and not only pursue but demand from life all that I desire to experience. I choose to see the world as though there is nothing wrong, but I also perceive that there are a great many things that could be better. The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspect of their lives. – William James The interesting thing is that change does not take much time at all, it’s getting ready to change that we spend the most time on, and we find ourselves in frustration as change happens whether we are ready for it or not. Most people don’t realize that fear can be transformed into confidence, that despair may be turned to desire, and worry over the past can be turned to goal oriented action. These transformations are results brought about by specific and learnable techniques. I didn’t start out with everything I needed to create a life of my dreams, but I began with a real desire and a belief that positive intentional change was possible. It’s easy to find a purpose in life and a reason to be happy in the right moment. It’s just as easy to wake up the next morning, finding yourself in misery as you’ve forgotten your why from the day before, or worse yet you find yourself unable to relive the feelings of joy, wonder, and serenity at all. I have great interest in helping people to overcome and remove their self imposed limitations(we all have them) so that everyone might have an equal chance to enjoy the adventure that life really is. Beyond overcoming problems, I am extremely interested in creating possibilities for people that they may never have considered before. I am interested in the true roots of change. Once these are understood, it is merely a matter of applying the knowledge to your life to produce the consistent results you desire What if you could learn to separate your disappointments from your dreams, rekindle the spark you once had for your passions and unlock your motivation to pursue those dreams with all of your might? No matter who you are or how much success (however you define it) you have, there is always room to grow. In my life I have found the power of saying I DON’T KNOW far outweighs any advantages of presupposing complete knowledge of any subject, no matter how simple. When you open your mind to the idea that there is always still more to learn, you provide for yourself a capacity to grow and progress that would be unavailable to you without humility. We all understand that change happens constantly in our lives, whether it be to our physical appearance, our habits, or things we enjoy. Sometimes we notice and appreciate the change, and other times we don’t. We can all think of times that we wanted to make a specific change, but found ourselves unable to do so. I’m interested in exploring the mechanics of change that explain both why change is sometimes so easy we hardly notice it and why other times it seems impossible to bring about. The techniques, tools, and studies I’m interested in are the exact methods I used to quit smoking cigarettes, stop watching tv (I know it sounds extreme, but there is good reason), start exercising again, and eat healthier foods. Once you start to understand the fundamentals of how the brain worksThe tools I used to create these changes not only made it easy but pleasurable to make the changes lasting and effective! (in easy-to-understand terms; we’re not talking advanced neuroscience), you can unlock your ability to change your thoughts, actions, and feelings when and how you want! You can use your new understanding to change habits, destroying old ones you’ve struggled with for years, and create new and resourceful ones you’ve desired! We can all think of times when our lives were just going great, when the day just seemed too good to be true, when we were in “flow” and everything you did just seemed to work perfectly. Just imagine being able to tap into that state anytime you wish, turning every day into a masterpiece of achievement and energy. Knowing this is possible, you can understand why there are some people in life who just seem to have things go their way all the time, no matter what challenges they are faced with. Some people call it luck, and I like to think of it as Laboring Using Collected Knowledge. I want to teach you how to model those people with the success you desire in order to make it your own, allowing you to change what you want and to preserve what is worth keeping in your life, thoughts, and habits. The information I am interested in sharing can teach you to relieve your traumatic past experiences, generate positive feelings at will, transform lifelong habits, resolve conflicts, and even build new belief systems. Give me a week and I will teach you the basics of change that will start to impact your life immediately. Give me a month and I will show you how the brain operates and how you can use it to make changes easily. Give me just three months and I can help to transform your life in ways that are not yet imaginable to you. I want to offer you a 90 day game plan to start to unlock your potential. Following the training and information I provide will allow you to – Create your own future, and find your path to it – Take control of your own motivation – Build strong relationships and powers of persuasion – Clear your past negative experiences that have limited you – Ignite your self esteem and help you unlock your authentic self – Create a solid positive mental attitude – Unlock access to your peak performance state anytime you desire I simply want to provide to you the same tools, ideas, and exercises that helped to completely transform my life and push me towards doing something I find truly worthwhile. Working the typical 9-5 life slaving away to pad someone else’s pockets is total crap, and I like to say: FUCK THE BULLSHIT It’s time to live life on your own terms, demanding from the universe and from yourself exactly what you want from life. I’ll even show you how to discover your passion, your mission in life, the purpose that will have you jumping out of bed each day in excitement, thrilled to get everything out of the day that you possibly can! After all, I used to be nothing but a pot head and a pizza boy! Just imagine the impact you can start to have on the world around you when you make a decision to change your life and start living your dreams! When you learn to be yourself it inspires others to do the same. In peace, love, and understanding- Wayne P.S. Remember no matter what you have accomplished or learned in this life, there is always more! Remembering how little you know in the grand scheme of it all will keep your mind and heart open to new possibilities and pleasures that would otherwise remain hidden to you! Spiral Out, Keep Going.